Project Conditions

1. All content, images and information necessary for the completion of a project must be supplied to Nova Marketing Intelligence in accordance with the date listed on the valid and accepted quotation. The client shall not unnecessarily delay supplying any of the content and where the client is unable to supply content for any reason the client agrees to inform Nova Marketing Intelligence straight away. Delay in receiving content may delay a project and Nova Marketing Intelligence reserves the right to change the scheduling of such a project.

2. Where a client has agreed to or requested work be done to see if a project is possible or the work has been done experimentally, the client shall be liable to pay for such work as agreed to in accordance with the relevant quotation.

3. All documents, content and/or property supplied to Nova Marketing Intelligence by the client is done at the clients risk and the client may not hold Nova Marketing Intelligence liable for any loss or damage resulting from any cause whatsoever.

4. The project will commence from the date of clearance of the deposit (subject to space on our production schedule) and end once completed and all outstanding payments are made and the project has been paid in full. The completion date may vary from the estimated due date for various reasons, Nova Marketing Intelligence will make every reasonable effort to complete by the agreed upon due date but should this date be missed for any reason whatsoever the client will not hold Nova Marketing Intelligence responsible. We will notify the client of any changes to the due date and supply reasons for such changes.

5. Where a project requires approval from the client for any section of a project the client may not unreasonably withhold such approval, where approval has been withheld the client will be notified of any delays to the project and may be billed for additional costs.

6. Clients may request changes during the project; Nova Marketing Intelligence, however, reserves the right to limit such requests and may issue a quotation indicating fees applicable to such changes where the changes require extra labour or resources. The client will need to agree to the above-mentioned quotation and make payment in full for such changes prior to the changes being made. The client in responsible for any delays to the project caused by such requests.

7. When a project has been completed the client will be required by Nova Marketing Intelligence to examine the project and sign a Project Completion Agreement attesting to the satisfactory completion of the project. The project will be deemed complete and no more time/labour/resources will be spent on the project except where a monthly maintenance or SEO contract has been signed and payment received in accordance with Nova Marketing Intelligence legal documentation or a new quotation for changes has been requested and agreed to in full.

8. The client shall be entitled to seven (7) days to report errors or problems with the site after the Project Completion Agreement has been issued. After this time, Nova Marketing Intelligence will deem the client to have accepted the project as satisfactory and complete whether the client has signed the Project Completion Agreement or not. Any requested changes after this time will require a new quotation and payment prior to work being undertaken.

9. The payment terms above are the only payment terms unless Nova Marketing Intelligence and the client have made other financial arrangements in writing and both parties have signed their agreement to such. Where a dispute arises the standard payment terms will super cede any other agreed upon payment terms and any payments due in accordance with the standard payment terms will be due immediately.

10. No third party delays are valid as reasons for non-payment of the final amount due once a project has been completed. Where a project has been completed but third parties have not delivered on content or functionality such non-delivery will not be deemed to affect the completion and therefore final payment will be due and the client may not delay on the grounds of the project being incomplete.

11. Where payment is overdue Nova Marketing Intelligence may at its own discretion suspend work on the project and remove the site from the client’s hosting account without prior notice until outstanding payments have been made. Any properties/content and materials supplied by the client for the project may be held by Nova Marketing Intelligence until payment is made and should payment not be received within sixty (60) days Nova Marketing Intelligence may dispose of/sell such property to recover any costs.

12. Nova Marketing Intelligence keeps back ups of all projects and websites; however Nova Marketing Intelligence has no obligation to do so or to make available such backups.

13. Payment for graphic design and/or photography or any other services or products supplied by Nova Marketing Intelligence is payable as a 50% deposit on acceptance of quotation with the remaining 50% payable before final delivery. Payment methods remain the same as do the terms of payment relating to them.

14. Nova Marketing Intelligence offers not warranty as to the suitability of any project in carrying out the purposes of the project, it is the clients responsibility to ensure that the project is suitable and that the correct specifications and details have been supplied to Nova Marketing Intelligence. Nova Marketing Intelligence shall not be liable directly or indirectly due to copyright/trademark infringements, loss to third parties or errors arising from contracting third parties, further more Nova Marketing Intelligence shall not be liable should a project be found to be unsuitable for the intended purpose.

15. Nova Marketing Intelligence charges a standard project labour rate of R 500 per hour, this rate may be changed without prior notification or consultation. This rate excludes any and all material/transport/hosting costs and or third party costs involved in a project.

16. Video training on how to use the WordPress content management system (CMS) can be provided. These training videos will be accessible through your WordPress dashboard. The cost of such training is R 150 p/m or R 1800 p/year. Where such training has been provided free of charge (depending on your website package) the videos will be available for a period of one year. Should you wish to have continued access to the training videos the normal monthly and yearly fees will apply.

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