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Email List Building – 7 Things You Absolutely Need to Be Doing

Email List Building - 6 Things You Absolutely Need to Be Doing
Email List Building Should Be Your #1 Priority as a Marketer. Did you know... email marketing is more cost effective than any other form of marketing.

Email List Building Should Be Your #1 Priority as a Marketer

Are you engaged in Email List Building? If not, then why not?

Did you know… email marketing is more cost effective than any other form of marketing.

According to a 2016 report by email marketing software company CampaignMonitor, email marketing saw a return on investment of $44 per $1 spent (R 576 per R 13 spent).

So if you think about it, using an email list building system or strategy is like building your own personal ATM. Its a simple numbers game really, the bigger your list and the better its quality (made up of your target audience) the better your results will be when you send out an email marketing campaign.

Now obviously its not always quite as simple as easy as that. Nonetheless, the point is this, if you want to increase your lead generation so that you can increase sales, make money and grow your business then you need to actively work at email list building.


How to Start Email List Building

There are 6 main things you absolutely need to be doing in order to build your mailing list. These things are:

  1. Create Irresistible ‘Sign up Bait’
  2. Design a Conversion Optimised Landing Page
  3. Use Pop up Forms
  4. Use Email Marketing Software
  5. Setup Auto responders
  6. Sell Something!
  7. Promote Your Offer


Email List Building Tactic # 1 – Create ‘Sign up Bait’

Building your email list is a bit like fishing. If you want to catch the fish you need to offer it something it wants, that is to say you have to bait it. Another, less fishy, way to express this idea, is to say you need to create and offer something of value. The more irresistible your offer the faster your mailing list will grow.

The key thing to remember is that you need to have an idea of what your target audience values and then produce it and offer it in exchange for contact details. Also remember that it is an exchange and that it is better to over deliver on value. The more value you offer the more likely your subscribers will be to respond to future offers.


Email List Building Tactic # 2 – Design a Conversion Optimised Landing Page

You might have created the most amazing offer but you still need to ‘sell’ your offer and promote it as widely as possible.

A well designed landing page, optimised to make sign up easy is a must have. Here you will need to explain your offer, what it valuable about it and why your visitors need to get it. Having a landing page also allows you to share the page on social networks and in existing email campaigns and other marketing efforts.

A well thought out and structured email list building landing page design vs a poorly optimised design can make an enormous difference to your conversion rates. So make sure you smart about your landing page design.

A final point I’d like to make is this… test, test and test your landing page. Running A/B tests is a great way to make small changes to your landing page design to determine which design converts best. Done right, A/B testing can drastically increase your mailing list conversion rate.


Email List Building Tactic # 3 – Pop up Forms

Ah, the dreaded Pop up Form. Whether you love them or hate them, they are a proven and highly effective at mailing list building tool.

Now there are of course ways to make Pop up forms less annoying and in some cases quite useful and even appreciated. Doing this will, in part, come down to what you are offering. But it is also affected by when and how your Pop up form is triggered.

A form that triggers shortly after a visitor lands on a page before they have had a chance to look at its content can be annoying. One that triggers when a visitor is about to leave your page is a little less annoying and useful for pulling them back to your website. Then there are those Pop ups in the center of the web page that get in your face, they can be good for conversions but again, it could annoy some people. Then there is the more discreet Pop up in one of the bottom corners, that may be worth trying.

Once again you may have to play around and test to see what works. But make no mistake, Pop up forms do help with email list building.


Email List Building Tactic # 4 – Use Email Marketing Software

Having a large mailing list is pointless unless you actually use it. The only way to use it effectively is to use email marketing software. There are no shortage of email marketing software options on the market. Here are a few of the top providers:

  • Mailchimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Constant Contact
  • AWeber
  • ConvertKit
  • and the list goes on

Choosing an email marketing software provider is not always easy and there are many things to consider and weigh up. You will need to think about features, pricing, ease of use and how well it integrates with your website. Our current favourite is MailChimp due to its excellent features to cost ratio and its easy integration with our Lead Generation and Capture Systems.

Software such as MailChimp allows you to do a number of very important things:

  1. Allows you to store and manage your mailing lists.
  2. Gives you the ability to segment your mailing lists by interest, category etc. so that you can better target your audience and provide relevant content.
  3. Allows you to setup auto responder emails so that you can automate your email marketing.
  4. Provides insights into what is working and what is not.

You simply cannot do this with your normal website hosting account. So get the right tool for the job.


Email List Building Tactic # 5 – Use Auto Responders

In today’s time-poor lifestyle, isn’t it great to know there are tasks that you can automate? Using auto responder emails to create email marketing campaigns is a great way to give yourself more time on the golf course.

You do however, need to put in a bit of work upfront to make auto responders effective. For one you must target the right audience and send the right content. Creating content to schedule does take some time but once its done you will be largely free to do other things.

By creating email lead nurturing campaigns you can help interest your subscribers in your products and services over time and also remain on their minds.

Done right, you will have happy subscribers that will not unsubscribe any time soon and will be more receptive to learning about your products. Now this brings us to one of the most important aspects of email marketing and list building…


Email List Building Tactic # 6 – Sell Something!

I’ll be short and sweet with this point… Sell Something Dammit!

There is no point to having a mailing list if you do not offer your products and services for purchase. You will not have your own ATM if you fail to create interest and compel people to buy.

That said, if all you do is push products and services, then you will probably have a high number of unsubscribes and find it hard to build your mailing list. There is a fine balance you will need to find when it comes to providing useful content as well as sales offers.

One of the most important things to remember is to listen to and learn as much about your customers and their needs as you can. The more you know about what they want the easier it will be to get them to buy.


Email List Building Tactic # 7 – Promote Your Offer

Last but not least, you must continually promote your irresistible offer. This means sharing your landing page on social media, adding it to existing email marketing campaigns, even running low-cost adverts if they make sense in relation to what you are offering.

The more website traffic you can generate to your website and landing pages the bigger and faster your mailing list will become, which means the greater your email marketing campaign reach. Additionally, the better you are at targeting the right audiences the more sign ups you are likely to get.


In Conclusion

Email List Building and Email Marketing should be the #1 priority of any self-respecting marketer. When you own a large quality mailing list, you own the traffic it generates. While you will have to spend some money on email marketing software to help you, it is still far more cost-effective than paying for adverts all the time.

Thus, if you are going to pay for adverts and marketing campaigns that generate website traffic, then make sure you get as much out of that traffic by converting those visitors into an email list.


NMI-Lead-Generation-SystemNeed help building your mailings lists? Don’t have the time or expertise to set it up? Want to Increase Your Lead Generation Capability?

Take a look at our NMI Lead Generation System today, and get so much more out of your website visitor traffic.

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Email List Building Should Be Your #1 Priority as a Marketer. Did you know... email marketing is more cost effective than any other form of marketing.

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