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From Marketing Consulting to our Comprehensive NMI Strategic Marketing System, we can assist you to grow your business.

Gain the knowledge and understanding of the exact steps you need to follow to effectively market your products and services in order to achieve high sales volumes and make money consistently.

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Need a Marketing Strategy?

Do you have a marketing strategy? Is it working? If you are reading this then chances are your current marketing strategy is not working.

Most businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers have no real marketing strategy. Sometimes they use some old outdated generic marketing strategy or other times they just jump onto the bandwagon following the latest marketing trend. Then there are those that try their luck at shotgun marketing hoping to reach their target audience and make money.

Hence, most businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to market consistently and make money in a stable manner.

There is an old saying that goes like this, "If at first you don't succeed then try and try again." There is a great bit of wisdom in that saying concerning never giving up. Certainly, when you run your own business you need to have that attitude. But here is the thing...

It's really expensive to continually try new marketing fads. Don't you want to get your marketing right the first time? Don't you want to grow your business to new heights and make some real money?

Wouldn't you rather enjoy life and stop worrying about money issues knowing that your marketing strategy just works? Of course you would!

So why do most marketing strategies fail to make money?

Finally, you can discover how to make money online the right way rather than wasting time making other people money.

In addition to getting the only marketing strategy you will ever need, you'll also gain an understanding of why our marketing strategy works.

Through the NMI Strategic Marketing System you'll discover the following...

  • Why Most Marketing Campaigns Fail
  • The Secret to High Volume Sales
  • How to Get Started with a Small Marketing Budget and then Scale Up Quickly
  • The Most Important Marketing Tools You Need to be Using
  • Which Marketing Channels You Need to Be Using
  • The Dos & Don'ts of Effective Marketing
  • The Exact Marketing Steps You Need to Take to Be Successful!

So the question is, do you want to get your marketing right?

If your answer is Yes, then its time to stop wasting time and money on generic marketing campaigns and marketing fads! Stop trying a bit of this and a bit of that.

Start by making a commitment to be successful and decide to be successful! You have a duty to make money and look after those you care about therefore you need to take action. Start by getting your marketing right!

Get the NMI Strategic Marketing System, the only marketing strategy you will ever need! Get started today!

Marketing Strategy Services 

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Do you need marketing strategy assistance and advice? Do you need a sound board for your marketing ideas?

Our Marketing Strategy Consulting is perfect for both regular monthly consultations or once-off brainstorming sessions.


Marketing Evaluation & Targeting

We will carefully evaluate your chosen product/s or service/s to learn everything there is to know in order to be able to effectively market them. We will identify your target audiences and create NMI Marketing & Sales Flows™ to enhance and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Competitor Analysis

We will size up your competitors and compare your offerings to theirs in order to work out how to effectively compete and out-perform them.


Marketing Systems

We will share insider knowledge and advice about some of the most powerful marketing tools and systems you can use and how they work to forward your marketing strategy.


Keyword Targeting

We will uncover all the best high traffic industry related keywords and phrases that need to be targeted for Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing Campaigns and Search Pay-Per-Click Campaigns such as Google AdWords.


Marketing Strategy & Tactics (NMI Strategic Marketing System)

Using our NMI Strategic Marketing System methodology, we will design a step-by-step marketing strategy for your business.


Investment Options

Marketing Strategy Consulting - from R 995 per/hr (R 750 per/hr for telephonic consultations)

Marketing Evaluation & Targeting - from R 3 494.

Competitor Analysis - from R 1 995.

Keyword Evaluation - from R 995.

NMI Strategic Marketing System - from R 9 495.


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Marketing Strategy FAQs

What are the main benefits of having a marketing strategy?

Achieving success in anything requires a degree of strategy and planning. If you have a goal in mind or something you wish to achieve you need to work out step-by-step how to reach that goal. Without working out the steps you need to take you are basically going to be fumbling in the dark.

When it comes to marketing, it is expensive to try this and try that. The way to do marketing right and get results is to use a marketing strategy. That way all your marketing actions are aligned and move you closer towards your goals.

Having a marketing strategy makes for more efficient, and more effective marketing, which in turn means higher returns on your investment.


Why does the NMI Strategic Marketing System only cover one product or service?

The right way to do marketing campaigns is to start with and concentrate on marketing and promoting one product or service at a time. Once your first campaign is up and running and producing sales then you can move to your next product or service. Where you try to combine products and services into a single campaign you are engaging in shotgun marketing.

Shotgun marketing is wasteful as it tries to market everything at once hoping to sell something. The trouble is, this type of marketing is so broad that products and services cannot be matched well with target audiences. Basically, you will end up spending more and getting less out of your marketing.

By focusing on one product or service or one product category or service category at a time, your offering will be more accurately matched with the right audience and their needs. This means better conversions, which means more sales.

Once you have one product or service selling well this way you can move onto the next one and as long as you keep each campaign running you will be able to achieve high sales volumes.


I have lots of products/services, I cannot afford a marketing strategy for each one, can I combine products/services into a single marketing strategy?

Yes, this is possible. Generally, products or services that are similar or can be considered to be up-sells (product accessories, etc.) can be combined into a single campaign. Also product or service categories may be combined.

Depending on how many products or service need to be combined there may still be additional charges as additional research will be needed. It will however still be much more cost effective than having a marketing strategy for each item.

If you do need to combine your offerings then please do get in touch so we can assess the best way to do this.


Do we have to meet in order to work out a marketing strategy? Can we do a workshop?

No, it is not necessary. Most marketing strategies can be worked out without meeting. However, we will still need to gather information about your offerings. We generally do this via telephone and or questionnaires.

We do offer mini-marketing strategy workshops for clients who would like to meet. These workshops can cover goal setting, education about marketing tools as well as general strategy discussion.

Mini workshops are currently only available for Gauteng clients and are subject to additional fees.


What can I do with my marketing strategy?

Once you have your marketing strategy you have the following options:

  • You can choose to follow your marketing strategy yourself and carry out the steps on your own
  • You can choose to get any number of service providers to help you with each step
  • You can choose to have Nova Marketing Intelligence work with you to carry out each marketing step

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