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Acceptance of quotations serves as evidence that the client has read our legal documentation and by accepting the quotation has agreed to be bound by such legal documentation.

  1. All quotations are valid for a maximum of fourteen (14) days commencing on the date given in the document. Quotations not accepted within this time will be deemed to have expired and will be cancelled. Clients will be notified where a quotation is about to expire and may extend it by a maximum of seven (7) days. Where a quotation has expired a new one will be issued following consultation with the client.
  2. Quotations are based on the accuracy of the information provided by the client; all images, text, content and data pertinent to the client’s project must be supplied in final format after acceptance of the quotation. Work will not commence until such time as the content is received.
  3. Where a client wishes to amend a quotation that has not yet been approved due to required changes to the clients project, a new quotation will be issued and the prior quotation will be rendered null and void.
  4. Should a client wish to make changes to a project after approval of an initial quotation and project commencement, Nova Marketing Intelligence may issue an additional quotation for these changes where it is found that the information/new requirements supplied by the client leads to technical or design changes that increases the labour/production costs over and above that which has been billed for on the original quotation. No changes will be made until the new quotation has been approved. Delays caused by changes to a design brief are the responsibility of the client and Nova Marketing Intelligence accepts no responsibility for such delays. The client agrees that should Nova Marketing Intelligence fail to issue an additional quotation or inform the client that requested changes will incur additional labour/production costs, the client will still be liable for any and all such fees incurred though such fees incurred will be less 50%.
  5. Where a quotation is issued and the client has asked work to commence and made a deposit, the client will be deemed to have accepted the quotation and all of Nova Marketing Intelligence legal terms & conditions whether the quotation document has been signed by the client or not.