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Blogging Tips – 19 Ways to Make Your Content More Memorable

Blogging Tips - 19 Ways to Make Your Content More Memorable

Here are some of our Top Blogging Tips to get you fired up and more productive

Blogging Tips – #1 Choose your topic and keywords carefully

Choosing a good topic and relevant keywords is the first step to writing a good blog article. You need to pick a topic that people are interested in, which usually matches up to a set of keywords they use to search for such articles.

Take the time to research your keywords and topics before you start writing. Lastly, keep a pen and notebook with you at all times so you can write down your ideas, you never know when inspiration might strike.



Blogging Tip – #2 Create action inducing headlines that generate interest and make people want to click on your links

Once you have picked your topic and main focus keywords be sure to write a compelling headline that not only includes your main keyword but creates interest. Interesting headlines that create mystery are a great way to get people clicking.



Blogging Tips – #3 Be yourself when you write, don’t try to write like another person

There are millions of bloggers out there writing about nearly every topic, subject or hobby you can think of, the only uniqueness you have is YOU! It is your passion about your subject that needs to come through.



Blogging Tips – #4 Get to know your audience so that you can write about what interests them

Find out what your audience wants to read. You can do this by finding similar articles written by other people and reading the comments to for insights. You can also ask your clients or anyone you think might be interested in your subject what it is they would most like to read. Survey often!



Blogging Tips – #5 Make your articles scannable

Most people try to scan an article before taking the time to read it in full. So make sure your story is easily scanned or provide a summary in the sidebar. You can make your blog easier to read by using heading, subheading, bullet points, bold font, and italics.

Keep your sentences and paragraphs short with generous space in between them so that your article does not look like one huge chunk of text.



Blogging Tips – #6 Even though your blog will be read by many, write as though you were having a personal conversation with one person

People communicate best one on one. Your blog article will be read as if it is a one on one communication, so write it that way. Rather use ‘you’ and ‘your’ as opposed to ‘one’ so that you connect more with your reader.



Blogging Tips – #7 Build your email list with subscription forms

Blogging takes time and effort and you want to maximise your returns on this endeavour. One of the best ways to do this is to ask people to sign up for blog updates or give away some useful information in the form of an ebook to encourage people to sign up.

A large permission-based mailing list can be an absolute gold mine when it comes to generating sales in the medium to long term.



Blogging Tips – #8 Make your subscription forms stand out

If you don’t make your subscription forms ‘pop’, no one is going to signup. Make sure your forms are prominent by using colour or images.



Blogging Tips – #9 Use a call-to-action to tell people to sign up

Don’t assume people will just signup. Tell them to signup; people respond to direction.



Blogging Tips – #10 Be consistent, post as regularly as you can and do your utmost to maintain it

One of the hardest parts of blogging is starting. The next most difficult is carrying on. The way to get returns on blogging is to blog regularly. Not only will your readers appreciate your efforts and trust you more, but so will search engines.



Blogging Tips – #11 Give away your knowledge, be helpful and become a trusted resource

You’ve got knowledge so share it. Don’t hide it. By sharing your expertise people will come to realise you are an expert and start to think more highly of you. Become a thought leader by being helpful and making yourself a resource for others.



Blogging Tips – #12 Write what you know and what you are passionate about

To me, this is the route to a truly successful blog! As you will put far more into a blog on a subject, topic, hobby that you know, love and are passionate about. It will come through in your writing and your audience will love it.



Blogging Tips – #13 Don’t overdo the giveaways

Giveaways are great now and then and will give you more email subscribers but don’t overdo them. You want people to keep coming back to your blog because they want to read what YOU have to say, not because you have lots of gimmicks and giveaways. If you overdo the gimmicks to grow your audience, you will eventually lose them and your readership will drop.



Blogging Tips – #14 Use imagery in your blog articles

We live in a visual age and statistics show people find imagery more engaging than text alone. Whether you are writing about baking cakes, knitting, water skiing or building bridges, there is nothing like good imagery to grab your audiences’ attention and get them reading.



Blogging Tips – #15 Do your research

There is so much you can learn from doing real research, even on subjects and hobbies you know well. There is always more to learn. You may find something you did not know about your subject or even a better or more efficient way of doing something.

Use search engines and social media to dig a little deeper into your areas of interest and you may find yourself rewarded with fresh insights.



Blogging Tips – #16 Blog Frequently

Dejavu! Yes, I’ve said it once but this one is important so I will say it again. Try to blog at least once a week. To assist you to do this on a regular basis add the dates and times to a calendar and let your readers know what is coming next. It is a good idea to take the time to work out and plan your blog articles one to two months ahead so you can simply get on with writing.

Being consistent will help you build a following and tells your readers you are interested in sharing your knowledge with them. They will then look forward to your next blog and are more likely to subscribe to your updates.



Blogging Tips – #17 Spread the word about your blog posts

Whenever you write a new blog article, make sure you share your posts on all your social media pages. It is important to let people know that you are writing interesting articles and you can attract many new readers this way.



Blogging Tips – #18 Don’t ever give up!

Blogging takes commitment and at times, it may seem like you are not getting anywhere. Just be persistent. The more you write, the easier it gets. The more you write, the more pages search engines will index. The more pages indexed, the more exposure you get.

If you were to write one blog article every day for a year, you would have 365 articles. Now imagine just one person found each article per month. You would have 365 visits to your website per month.

Blogging is a cumulative long-term strategy. It is also a strategy that works! So don’t get discouraged and never even give up!



Blogging Tips – #19 Remember to have fun!

This is probably the most important TIP of them all. Don’t let blogging become a chore or a grind. That you are enjoying yourself will come through in your writing and your followers will LOVE IT!



Image Credit:  Copyright: worac / 123RF Stock Photo

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